We provide the management infrastructure
-- the strategy, finance and technology –
to restructure Japanese companies

  • Management
    by a Professional Staff
    A professional team of experienced managers will independently make the investment decisions to manage the business.
  • Collaboration
    with Operating
    When appropriate, we accelerate the revitalization of the business by employing appropriate strategic partners.
  • Establish an Effective Support
    Infrastructure to improve the value of the business
    Since our founding in 2002, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how to improve the value of our portfolio companies.
Our Mission
is be the Premier Japanese Style Fund
to Revitalize Business
  1. (1) Invest In Businesses with Growth Potential
  2. (2) Revitalize the Business by providing a rewarding working environment for employees
  3. (3) Provide investment, finance, strategic planning, and basic operational infrastructure (staffing, IT, management know-how) to make the target business into an independent company
  4. (4) Provide an effective investment strategy which is tailored to the requirements of the industry (be flexible in the pattern of investment, investment ratios, and the involvement in the management of the business).

Examples of types of investment projects:
JIP investments mainly consist of investments that revitalize the potential of conventional Japanese businesses.

The carve out of non-core businesses from a parent company in order to transform them into independent companies with the potential for growth.
Creating new companies by combining multiple carved out operations from different companies. The creation of a Tier II industrial group.