Our Vision

Focus on the Hidden Potential
of Japanese Industry

Despite the fact that some Japanese companies have valuable assets with high potential for growth -- including their core business, technology, and human resources – the lack of resources or the company structure may impede them from realizing their full potential.

In addition, as Japanese industry undergoes structural transformation and restructuring in the face of global competition, there is a strong likelihood that new business opportunities will also open up if only companies can break free of their current restraints.

Leverage the Base Business
and Support Revitalization and Growth
We aim to revitalize and grow our portfolio companies through better products and improved service for customers and a more rewarding workplace for executives and employees.
Our Aim is to be a Japanese-style
Business Investment Fund.
By using our extensive network of relationships in the corporate world and respecting the business culture of Japan, our goal at Japan Industrial Partners, is to work together with entrepreneurs and management teams who possess the will to transform businesses and create companies that meet the needs of the times.
Investments for restructuring
and business reorganization
The investment targets of Japan Industrial Partners include divisions and subsidiaries that have been spun off from larger companies for restructuring (strategic carve-outs), independent companies that seek to restructure their businesses, and also companies that are striving to change their business structure and business models in response to the market environment.
Pursue New Business Financing
and Investment Opportunities
By providing the means to finance the development of companies and industries, we will also contribute to the revitalization of markets and provide superior investment opportunities to our investors.
By Placing Priority on Business Strategy,
We Provide Multifaceted Support for Long Term Management
Since our founding, Japan Industrial Partners has accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how, and a broad network of experts, all of which are available to provide multifaceted support to our portfolio companies to help them formulate business strategies and build and strengthen the basic management skills necessary to execute these strategies and revitalize their business.